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It is a service that enables online lessons at your favorite time
by matching with instructors of
various musical instruments.

Lesson Grid is the best for music online lessons

Trial lesson digest on Lesson Grid

The Lesson Grid is full of ideas that
you can enjoy
and improve your music skills online!

  • 体験レッスンが最多で3回0円から受けられる

    Up to 3
    trial lessons!
    You can take it
    from 0 JPY

  • 200種類以上の楽器から好きなレッスンが選べる

    Choose your
    favorite lesson from
    over 200
    different instruments

  • 審査を通過した講師が170人以上登録

    More than
    170 instructors
    who have passed the review are registered

  • 楽器の熟練度に応じた未経験者〜上級者のレッスン

    Inexperienced to
    advanced lessons
    according to the skill level
    of the instrument

  • 独自の映像通信システムで世界中で快適にレッスン可能

    Comfortable lessons
    around the world
    with our unique video
    calling system

  • 通常レッスンも2,200円〜でお財布に優しい

    Regular lessons start at 2,200 JPY
    and are easy
    on your wallet

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    (Mr./Ms. H・M)

    I enjoyed the course very much.
    The instruction was very detailed and well understood.
    I look forward to working with you again in the future.

    Tenor saxophone Experience: unselected Regular Lesson

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    (Mr./Ms. H.Kさん)

    It was good. I will take the course again.

    PianoBandoneon Experience: beginner Regular Lesson

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QI'm worried because I've had a long blank since I quit playing an instrument. Is it okay to use the instruments of that time?


It's okay to have a blank! Before the trial lesson, it is recommended that you practice making a light sound and maintain the instrument as much as you can.

If you have any difficulties on that, I think you should ask a question during the lesson. The instructor will take care of you so that you can enjoy playing again!

QI don't know where to buy an instrument.


Buy at a trusted musical instrument store or site! If you decide the budget in advance, the clerk will pick up some. When you have time, go to a musical instrument store and pick up a musical instrument! It is also recommended to consult with your instructor during the lesson.

QI have never taken lessons online. Can I improve?


In face-to-face lessons, you can improve your performance by incorporating the instructor's advice. This is true even when online. You will definitely improve online.

QI'm busy with work and I don't have time to practice.


It's okay to be busy! Rather, let's relieve stress with music ♪ It takes practice to improve quickly, but don't worry. Some of students touch the instrument only during lessons. There are also students who want to relieve stress on a daily basis! The busier you are, the more you hear that by touching the instrument regularly, you feel healed and recharged. Please take the course with the feeling of "I want to have fun" instead of the feeling of "I have to do it" (^^)

QWhat is the difference between regular lessons and trial lessons?


Trial lessons are just for trials. Therefore, a long lesson of 45 minutes (55 minutes frame) is not provided. Only 20-minute (30-minute frame) lessons are available.

In addition, the content of the lesson is not for improving the technique, but has the characteristics such as introduction to the regular lessons.

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