Why ska?

Jan 3, 2022

You have all heard of the "jazz" genre, right?
You may have some idea of the songs and performances.

Then, have you heard of "ska"?

If you play a wind instrument, you should know it!
It is a very fun and interesting genre.

There are also different genres within the ska genre,
There are also different genres within ska, such as neo-ska, ska-punk, ska-core, Japanese ska, and so on,
There are various kinds of ska from cool to bright and pop.

Famous ska artists are,
 Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra
 Oreska Band
 The Specials
 The Skatalites
 The Specials *The Skatalites *KEMURI and many more.

Ska is a music that originated in Jamaica and is a lighter version of reggae,
It is characterized by a very cheerful atmosphere, like a lighter version of reggae.

The most attractive feature is the backbeat rhythm.
There is a theory that the name "ska" comes from the sound of the backbeat, which sounds like "sucha-sucha♪" ^^^.

Indeed, if you listen to the guitar, you can hear a lot of "sucha-sucha".

The instrumentation is usually a band (Gt, Ba, Dr, Key) with a brass section (Tp, Tb, Sax).
There are many instrumental bands and many bands with vocals.

If the current students get tired of taking group lessons with only wind instruments, they can join a band,
If you are a current student and are tired of taking group lessons with only wind instruments, you may want to join a band.

Ska wind instruments are a great combination of both and should be fun to play.
It is also a great way to express your individuality by playing to the rhythm of the ska while moving your body!

An additional attraction of ska is the monkey dance unique to ska that enlivens live venues!

They dance by moving their arms up and down like a monkey.
Now you'll never be lonely at a ska band's concert venue.

Ska songs are easy to keep the rhythm and easy to dance to.Â♪
There are so many fun songs to listen to!