A must-see for beginners! How to compose music that anyone can do

Aug 20, 2023

When you are playing an instrument or listening to a song,
"Oh, I wish I could make a song like this!
I am sure that many of you have had this thought at least once.

Let's try to compose a song!
The joy of writing a new song from scratch and completing it is irreplaceable.

But I don't know much about theory, and most of all, I'm not sure if I'll be able to finish it properly...

In this article, we will teach you how to compose a simple piece of music that anyone can do.

Use of Looping in "Hammering

Recently, a new type of music composition called "Uchikomi" has been popular on the computer.
In the "typing" process, software comes with a mass of sounds called a "loop material.
You assemble the sound blocks like Lego bricks!
Voila! A dance music-like tune is being created!
The music is now complete!

Creating a monophonic song

I hate computers and stuff! If you don't like computers, there is an analog solution.
You can create a song with only one melody.
Just hum your tune and play it on a musical instrument.
Recommended instruments are "cello" and "saxophone.
Because they have many overtones, even a monophonic melody can be beautiful.
In addition, Japanese old music played on Japanese instruments is basically monophonic music.
In pure Japanese music, the threshold for composing music may be low.

Use existing sound sources as a reference.

Prepare several CDs of your favorite songs and trace the parts you like.
No problem.
Some of the commercial music heard around the world is composed in this way.
However, be careful not to get caught by copyright laws by being too similar.

Do contemporary music that does not use musical sounds.

Another way to make music is to use techniques such as "music concrete," which uses tape to capture the noises of everyday life.
When you are tired, you may be able to complete a piece of music just by recording a yawn. We are no longer in the age of "Doremi.


The method I have described in this article is only a simplified one,
Today, it is possible to become a composer without learning music theory.
However, it is quite a difficult task to compose music completely on one's own.

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