Cello Ensemble Recommendations

Sep 20, 2023

The cello is a string instrument that often supports the lower registers in an ensemble.
However, the cello is a very versatile instrument and can do just about anything.

In the lower registers, the cello is the solid foundation of the ensemble,
In the middle register, it can play melodies with a sweet sound,
In the upper register, the cello can be transformed into a soprano with great volume and tension.

Above all, its full, overtone-rich sound quality makes even a few notes sound magnificent.

Yes, it is true!
The cello alone can create an orchestral sound without the need for any other instruments.

In Chimata, this ensemble is called a cello ensemble = celloan.
In this issue, we would like to introduce a cello-only ensemble piece.

◆Klenger / Hymn (12 players)
This is a masterpiece for cello ensemble written by a German cellist and composer, Klengel.
This is a masterpiece for cello ensemble written by German cellist/composer Krengel.

◆Popper / Polonaise for concert (4 players)
A brilliant and technical polonaise by Hungarian cellist and composer Popper.
It was originally intended for cello and piano, but the composer himself arranged it for four cellos.
for four cellos by the composer himself.

◆Villa-Lobos / Bach in Brazilian Style No.1 (8 players)
The Brazilian composer Villa-Lobos combined Brazilian folk music and Bach's compositional style.
Villa-Lobos composed seven suites, all in different orchestration, combining Brazilian folk music with Bach's compositional style.
Of these, Nos. 1 and 5 are for cello ensemble.

◆Francais / Aubade (Morning Song) (12 players)
This work was written by Jean Francais, a French modern composer.
It has a very fashionable sound, but is very difficult to play.

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