Chopin "Fantasy Impromptu" to be performed

Dec 28, 2021

The music that a person beginning to play the piano will be aiming for is
Chopin's "Fantasy Impromptu" is one of the most popular piano pieces.
In this issue, I would like to delve deeper into "Fantasy Impromptu," a very popular piano piece.

◆What is "Fantasy Improvisation"?
A piano piece by 19th century Polish pianist and composer Frederic Chopin.
It is very effective in performance and is often featured in piano recitals.
Although it requires so-called "fast playing," even children can play it if they have patience because the music is simple.

The appeal of the music.
The music is tragic and emotionally rich, as well as technical and brilliant, and is sure to draw you in whether you are playing or listening to it.
The fact that she is now able to play "Fantasy Improvisation" is a milestone for piano students and a great motivation to continue playing the piano in the future. It is a milestone for piano students.

◆Performance difficulties It is said to be very difficult because the number of notes in a beat differs between the right and left hands (right hand: 4, left hand: 3).
However, if you can play at a certain speed, you can cheat by matching only the first note of the beat.

◆Popularity of the music itself Popular with men and women of all ages. It is more widely recognized and listened to than Chopin's masterpieces and famous pieces such as "Scherzo No. 2" and "Ballade No. 1.
However, in some communities, "Polonaise de Hero" is more popular than "Fantasy Impromptu".

◆Not so well received by professionals This piece has a somewhat poor reputation among music professionals.
A commentary in an old published score said, "It has a somewhat frivolous feel to it.

◆Failure? A failure?
Perhaps because Chopin himself did not like it much, it was not published during his lifetime and was put in storage.
However, after Chopin's death in 1855, it was published by his friend Julien Fontana.
Today, despite Chopin's own wishes, it has come to be recognized as one of his most famous compositions.

◆In working on this piece.
◆To work on this piece, it is wise to study with a piano instructor, as it is difficult to learn on your own.
If you are at the level of practicing this piece, online lessons rather than face-to-face lessons will suffice.
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Finally, we wish you musical success in your studies.