About the musical activities that overcame the Corona Vortex

Aug 22, 2023

Hello. I would like to write about my musical activities overcoming the Corona Vortex.

The Corona Vortex caused the cancellation and postponement of gigs and concerts, and the music industry was hit hard. The incomes of musicians and actors were reduced to less than half, and many people were left destitute. As a fan, I also felt as if there was a hole in my heart because I could no longer enjoy live music.

However, to overcome the Corona Vortex, musicians and fans devised various ways. Digital technologies such as online live-streaming, video posting, and social networking have expanded the ways in which music can be delivered. In addition, small-scale and community-based gigs and concerts resumed after thorough infection control measures were taken.

Three years after the coronavirus, live music could finally be heard. At that time, the venue was less than half capacity, and there were checks to ensure that people were wearing masks and taking temperatures. Audience members were not allowed to speak except to applaud, and there was ample distance between them and the performers. However, the power of the music could be felt even in this situation. The performers' facial expressions and breathing, the audience's reactions and empathy, the atmosphere and sense of unity created by the music, all had a charm that could not be experienced online. At that moment, I was immersed in music for the first time in a long time and was greatly moved.

The Corona Vortex came to an end on May 8, 2023, and music activities were fully restored, with major festivals such as ROCK IN JAPAN FESTIVAL and SUMMER SONIC scheduled to take place in August 2023. The VOCALOID scene is also in transition to a new generation, with new hit makers and VOCALOID Ps emerging. In addition, independent artists are also attracting attention, and encounters with new music are increasing.

Musicians and fans have worked hard to overcome the Corona Vortex without forgetting their love of music. I, too, will continue to support music.
I encourage everyone to search for music that you love. I am sure you will find music that resonates with you.

See you soon!