By learning from a teacher, the sound of the piano is colossal!

Jan 1, 2022

The most important feature of a piano is
is that it produces sound when you strike it!

However, if you play it in a random way, it won't make a tune.
You must play with reasonable fingering and proper rhythm.
Also, if you don't learn how to apply the proper force, songs above a certain difficulty level will become unplayable.

It is especially tough to learn to play the piano brilliantly with a colossal sound, unless you learn it from a teacher.

In this article, I will explain the limitations of self-study and the barriers that can be broken through by learning.

What are the limitations of self-study?

Well, you can cheat by calling it tasteful playing.
If it were jazz, a unique playing style like Thelonious Monk's would not be bad.
Well, he is a genius, so it would be rude of me to mess with him... Sorry...

But if it were classical music, it might be tough.


Think about it.

What if you played the Puppy Waltz at a tempo 10 times slower than on the CD?

It is no longer a puppy waltz.
It would be a different piece of music based on the Puppy Waltz.

In other words, to play a puppy waltz like a puppy waltz,
You have to figure out how to make a puppy waltz a puppy waltz.

The rollicking sound of Ashkenazy's performance makes the puppy waltz stand out. If you are interested, please listen to the CD or YouTube!

This colossal sound is the "wall of self-study"!

You have to learn it from a teacher in order to produce the rollicking sound.
Piano teachers are usually masters at producing the roll sound!
They are skilled at capturing the pressure points deep inside the keyboard!

That's right!

Wouldn't you like to be able to play with heavenly splendor under the solid guidance of a professional instructor?

At Lesson Grid, we have many piano teachers.
If you want to improve your piano skills, take a lesson with us.

In the lessons, you will learn how to handle the keyboard efficiently with less wasted effort.
We wish you all the best!