Tips for applying to music colleges and recommendations for online lessons

Aug 26, 2023

Hello to all high school students who are interested in getting into a music college.
Unlike the general college entrance examinations, the music college entrance examination is a specialized examination.
You have to study not only practical skills for your major such as voice, instrumental performance, and composition, but also music-related subjects such as music diction, listening, and sight-singing.
In addition, there are also Japanese, English, and other subjects, as well as interviews. It is also important to tell them why you want to enter a music college and what your dreams are for the future.

Applying to a music college is not only a chance to pass a difficult exam, but also a chance to show your musical talent and passion.
Once in a music college, you will receive a specialized education. If you have a master-student relationship with a professor, you will receive more in-depth instruction. If you meet others who share the same dream, you can inspire each other.

However, applying to music schools can be challenging. If you live far away, you will have to pay for transportation and lodging.
You may not be able to find a teacher or a class that fits your area.

In such cases, you can use online lessons.
The service "Lesson Grid" allows you to take lessons online from teachers who are familiar with music college entrance examinations nationwide.
You can prepare not only for practical skills and music-related subjects in your major, but also for academic subjects and interviews. Lesson fees vary from teacher to teacher, but generally range from 3,000 yen to 5,000 yen per hour.
You can decide the number and time of lessons by yourself.

The advantage of online lessons is that they can be taken easily even from remote locations.
However, please note that there are parts of the practical skills for the selection process that can only be addressed through face-to-face lessons.
In addition, solfège listening comprehension may be difficult to take online if the level of difficulty is high.
In that case, you will have to find a teacher who can give you face-to-face lessons or practice by yourself.

Prepare effectively for the music college entrance exam! We will support your dream!