What is a good ear in music?

Sep 23, 2023


It seems to be a word often used in conversations among musicians.
So what exactly defines "good hearing"?
In this article, I would like to discuss "good hearing.

◆Physical hearing
Basically, hearing is considered to be something that wears out. In particular, the use of earphones is thought to deprive people of hearing.
Constant exposure to loud music will also accelerate hearing loss.
Listening to music through speakers instead of earphones and enjoying music at the lowest possible volume
This will help protect your hearing.
Those who are intoxicated by the beat of loud, heavy bass may struggle with hearing loss in the future.

◆Anyone who can get the pitches right.
People who can sing with accurate pitch in vocals, violin, etc,
A person who can produce accurate pitch by himself/herself may be recognized as having a "good ear".
In the case of a vocalist, it is not only a matter of knowing the exact pitch, but also of vocal control,
I don't think that having a good ear alone is enough to create accurate pitches.

◆A person who is skilled in integrating different elements.
In order to continuously create good music, both in composition and arrangement and performance,
A keen sense of balance is essential to continue to produce good music, whether in composition, arrangement or performance.
This refers to the ability to constantly grasp the balance of the music as a whole, and to correct the cause of any discomfort when it is felt.
In other words, both the ability to perceive multiple elements as one and the ability to analyze individual elements in detail are required.

Unfortunately, adults cannot physically improve their hearing.
However, learning music can help us to hear sounds that we did not hear before.
We feel that it is realistic to start by recognizing sounds that were previously unrecognized and recording them in the brain.

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