The Coming of the 5G Era and the Future of Online Music Lessons

Aug 22, 2023

5G refers to the 5th generation mobile communication system, a communication technology characterized by high speed, high capacity, low latency, and multiple connections. 5G is generally expected to spread rapidly between 2024 and 2025, and has the potential to create innovative services and content in various fields. Among these, its impact in the music sector will be significant.

In the music sector, 5G is expected to significantly enhance the experience of online live performances and online music lessons. In online live performances, high quality, high sound quality, and low latency video and audio can be delivered in real time, providing an unprecedented sense of presence and immersion as if one were on site. It also enhances the sense of interactivity and participation between audience and artists. For example, audience members can project their own faces and comments on the screen, and artists can respond to audience reactions.

With online music lessons, the high-speed, high-capacity, and low-latency communication allows students to receive high-quality lessons in the comfort of their own homes, just as they would in person. Online music lessons have attracted attention in the wake of the new coronavirus, and are expected to become even more widespread in the 5G era. Advantages of online music lessons include the following

- You can take lessons at your favorite time and place.
- You can choose the teacher and class that suits you best
- You can save on travel expenses and time.
- You can take lessons in a variety of genres and instruments.
- Use of original curriculum and teaching materials
- You can record and playback lessons.

Online music lessons are available not only for piano and guitar, but also for various instruments such as saxophone, sanshin, and accordion. You can also choose lessons that suit your level, from beginner to advanced. Many online music lesson providers offer free trial lessons, making it easy to get started.
In particular, the online lesson platform "Lesson Grid" allows you to take up to three trial lessons, so you are likely to find a teacher you like!

The 5G era is an era of new possibilities and opportunities for those who learn and enjoy music. Online music lessons are one way to do so. Experience the bliss of online lessons with Lesson Grid.