What are the advantages of having my child learn to play the piano?

Sep 7, 2023

Piano is one of the most popular lessons for children. But what is the significance of having children learn to play the piano?
And when is it effective to start? This article discusses the benefits and cautions of having your child learn to play the piano.

<The Benefits of Having Your Child Learn to Play the Piano
There are several advantages to having your child learn to play the piano, including the following

(1) A sense of pitch and rhythm can be acquired.
The piano is a good instrument for learning musical theory, such as scales and chords. In addition, by performing different notes and movements with both hands at the same time, children develop a sense of tone and rhythm.

(2) Improves brain function
Playing the piano activates various parts of the brain. In particular, the prefrontal cortex and corpus callosum are developed, and higher brain functions such as memory, judgment, and creativity are improved.

(iii) Sensitivity is refined.
The piano is an expressive instrument. By putting your feelings and imagination into music, you can hone your sensitivity and sensibility.

(4) Foster concentration and courage
Piano is often played alone.
Therefore, practicing at your own pace and playing in front of others at recitals and other events will help you develop your concentration and courage.

<Cautions for having your child learn the piano
The following cautions apply to having your child learn to play the piano.

(1) Expenses
Piano lessons are expensive, including the instrument itself and lesson fees. The market rate for monthly fees is around 10,000 yen, but it varies depending on the area and the school.
If you have a piano at home, you will also need to pay for the purchase and tuning of the piano.

(2) Practice time and place are limited.
Pianos are large and heavy instruments. Therefore, when practicing at home, consideration for neighbors and soundproofing measures are necessary.
In addition, in order to balance your practice time with school or cram school hours, you will need to set a specific practice time.

There are many benefits to having children learn to play the piano, including a sense of tone and rhythm, brain function, sensitivity, concentration, and courage.
However, there are also caveats such as cost, practice time and place, and the child's willingness to learn. It is important for parents and children to discuss and decide together whether or not to have their children take piano lessons.

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