Recommended practice methods for those who do not have drums at home.

May 17, 2024

Many people want to start playing drums but are hesitant to purchase a drum set because they do not have the space for one at home or are worried about the noise it would make in the neighborhood.
However, it is possible to practice to improve your technique even without a drum set. Below are some recommended practice methods for those who do not have drums at home.

1. air drumming:.
Practice by actually holding the sticks and imagining you are drumming in the air.
This helps to develop basic skills such as a sense of rhythm, how to hold the sticks, and how much force to apply to the drumming.

2. pad practice:.
Practice pads are used to hone your stick work.
Since the sound is low, you can work on your sense of rhythm and hand movement without worrying about noise.

3. use music games:.
Some commercially available music games use controllers that imitate drums to develop a sense of rhythm.
This is a fun way to develop a basic sense of beat.

4. rhythm practice apps:.
Rhythm practice apps for smartphones and tablets are utilized.
In addition to developing a sense of rhythm, you can practice to songs in a variety of genres.

Even if you do not have a drum set, you can use these methods to improve your basic sense of rhythm and stick control.
This will provide a foundation for smooth practice when you get a drum set in the future, or when you are able to play live drums in music classes.