Recommended anime songs with prominent drumming.

May 17, 2024

In the world of anime music, though, a wide variety of instruments are used to color the emotional melodies and characters,
Among them, drums not only play a rhythmic role but also play an important role in influencing the atmosphere of a song.
In this article, we will introduce three recommended anime songs with particularly impressive drums. These songs will surely serve as a reference for drummers.

▶ " Kourenka" - LiSA (Opening theme of "Blade of the Demon")
This song features a strong drum part along with a fast and furious guitar riff.
The drum fill before the chorus is one of the highlights of the song and plays an important role in increasing the heat of the anime.
For drummers, the energetic beat is worth the challenge.

▶ " GO!" - FLOW (Opening theme for "NARUTO")
GO! is a pop song with rock elements, and the drums give the song momentum throughout.
Featuring a rhythmic beat and varied fills, this is a song where you can fully enjoy the fun of drums.

▶ " only my railgun" - fripSide (Opening theme for "To Aru Kagaku no Railgun")
This song is a fusion of electronica and rock, and the drum part is very prominent.
In particular, the fast beat and tight performance captivate listeners and perfectly match the speedy world of the anime.
It is recommended for players who want to improve their drumming skills, as technical performance is required.

Anime songs are excellent performance material for drummers because of their diversity and wide range of expression.
Through the above songs, you can hone your sense of rhythm and aim for even more expressive drum performances.