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Miyu Yoshizawa

teacher Miyu Yoshizawa


  • Trial 1 (660 JPY)
  • Regular 1 (6,600 JPY)


Born in Chiba Prefecture, she began playing piano at the age of 6 and percussion at the age of 12 in a brass band. From the age of 14 to 20, she was a member of the Chiba Boys and Girls Orchestra. Studied orchestra under the guidance of music director Kaoruko Saji. Moved to Osaka upon entering university. Graduated from Osaka Kyoiku University, Faculty of Education, Department of Liberal Arts, Music Course. Upon graduation, was selected to perform in the 2048 Commemorative Graduation Concert. Won the Gold Prize in the brass band and percussion section of the 25th Chiba Prefecture Brass Band Individual Competition. In August 2021, she was selected to participate in the Contemporary Music Performance Course sponsored by Sumitomo Life Insurance Izumi Hall, and performed with Motoharu Kawashima and members of the Izumi Sinfonietta Osaka. He has studied percussion under Shigeru Terunuma, Yumi Terada, Yoshimasa Horiuchi, piano under Kaoru Okuma, and solfège under Ritsuko Ooka. Currently, she is a percussionist with the Itami City Philharmonic Orchestra, a percussion and solfege instructor at Kasame Music School, a performance researcher at Kobe College, and a freelance performer and instructor, all with the hope of providing as many people as possible with opportunities to experience and learn music.


teacher Nojima


  • Trial 1 (free)


Hello! Would you like to play marimba or percussion instruments with us~? ⭐Beginner students starting here. I've never played the marimba before. I don't know how to read music. What kind of bee should I use? We will start by carefully instructing you how to hold and select a bee! If you want to use a ⭐2 bee, leave it to us! Intermediate level students I have experience playing. In order to become even better... What is the technique to get better? I will teach you in detail through various pieces of music so that you can play more skillfully! I have mastered up to 4 ⭐ bees! Advanced player of ⭐4 bachi Technique of 4 bevels. To become even better! What is a performance to be heard? In addition to technique, let's get better together to achieve further expressiveness! Percussion Instruction How to choose a snare drum or timpani bee. How to use small percussion instruments in a brass band Basic rhythms of pop songs How to play the bongos. We can also provide instruction on percussion and other percussion instruments. We also welcome requests from brass band percussionists!