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Joji Murasawa

Koto (Ikuta)Koto (Ryukyu koto music)

teacher Joji Murasawa


  • Trial 1 (1,320 JPY)
  • Regular 2 (4,510 JPY–)


I am a multi-instrumentalist playing and giving lessons on koto, shamisen, shakuhachi, 17 strings, kokyu, sho, and noh-kan! I have over 10 years of experience teaching children to elderly, beginners to experts. The Japanese instrument industry has developed for hundreds of years based on the pillar of "teaching others. In recent years, though, many young performers have not focused on lessons, I believe that the decline of "practice" equals the decline of the "industry," and I have been putting effort into lessons since I was a teenager. If you are wondering whether or not to start Japanese instrument lessons, please feel free to apply for one. For some reason, people often think that it looks scary or is a hurdle, but please rest assured that it is not! We will do our best to respond to any circumstances or requests you may have, including face-less, anonymous, or any other circumstances and requests that only online lessons can offer. We look forward to working with you.

Yosuke Osawa

Koto (Ikuta)Koto (other than 13-string)

teacher Yosuke Osawa


  • Trial 2 (2,640 JPY–)
  • Regular 1 (5,170 JPY)


My name is Yosuke Osawa. I graduated from Toho Gakuen Junior College of Arts with a degree in Japanese Music and am currently enrolled in the college's major course. I play a wide range of music on the koto, from classical to contemporary and popular pieces. My goal is to learn the basics and to develop my ability to play my favorite pieces on the koto, and I will do my best to help you fall in love with the Japanese musical instrument. Please feel free to try our lessons! Thank you for your cooperation.