Rumor has it that Chopin's "Farewell Song" about a difficult place

Dec 26, 2021

Chopin's "Farewell Song" becomes very intense music in the middle.
I hear a lot of comments like that.

In fact, the middle part of "Farewell Song" is technically for advanced students.
Even if you are a music student or above, it is difficult to perform it without practicing.

◆A technical climax that deserves to be called an exercise piece.

First, the leap in the left hand accompaniment, if this does not go smoothly after a little practice,
It may be better to give up playing the middle part.
If you just can't give up, like playing every note in slow motion,
If you can't give up, do some muddy practice, like playing every note in slow motion.
Also, check that your left arm movement is light and that your wrist maintains the proper position, neither sinking too far nor rising too high.

Regarding the right hand, I think the assumption here is that you can do double trills (three degree trills and six degree trills).

The definition of "can" here is,
(1) The two trills are not shifted at all,
(2) The touch must be consistent with the core of the instrument without any disjointedness.

If you can perform the double trills with these two points, your control of the right hand will be greatly enhanced.
As a result, the quality of the middle part will increase dramatically.

I can't do that! If you think you can't do it,
As a preparatory exercise,
3 degree trills in 50
6-degree trill No. 59
of 6 degree trills as a preparatory exercise.

It is quite tough, but it is difficult just to pass it physically without the techniques I just mentioned,
Let's clear the tasks one by one.

◆Play lightly at all times.

This piece is filled with Chopin's feelings for his native Poland.
Especially in the middle section, his love for his homeland is expressed through his fiery, blazing use of notes.

However, it should not be played like a heavy tank with strong hitting.
Chopin was a slender man and reportedly very weak.
The sound of the piano was also said to be low.

Be careful not to play the middle section of "Farewell Song" too thick.

As mentioned above, there is a lot of practice to be done before completion, and it can be said to be a piece of music that requires a lot of patience.
If you find it difficult to complete the song by yourself, you can ask for coaching by an instructor in an online lesson.