Exploring the secrets of musical genius! What is Musical Sense?

Sep 3, 2023

When listening to or performing music, one person may be said to be moved or sensitive, while another may feel otherwise.
Why is this? What is talent or taste in music?

The term "talent or taste for music" is generally thought to refer to sensitivity, understanding, and expressiveness in music.
However, these elements are not innately determined. In fact, musical taste can vary greatly with environment, experience, practice and learning.

What does it take to improve one's musical sense?
Let's look at some research and examples.

First, the most important factor affecting musical taste is the musical environment of childhood. Listening to music and singing form the neural pathways of the brain.
These neural pathways are responsible for sensation, memory, recognition, and judgment of music. Exposure to a lot of music during childhood develops this neural circuit and enhances musical taste.

The next factor that influences musical taste is practice and learning. Playing music changes the function and structure of the brain.
These changes improve not only playing skills, but also listening, processing, and abstracting abilities. The more effective and efficient your practice and learning is, the more it will positively affect your musical sense.

Finally, a factor that influences musical taste is individuality and creativity. By expressing music, we communicate our feelings, thoughts, and values.
This expression does not have to be the same as others. Rather, it is by expressing one's own personality and originality that one's musical sense stands out.
By expressing yourself, you will deepen your communication with yourself and others.

As mentioned above, musical taste is not something you are born with, but something you can develop.
And musical sense is not only for the enjoyment of music, but also for life.
People with a high musical sense are said to have a rich sensitivity, intelligence, and creativity, as well as good problem-solving and communication skills.
By developing your musical sense, you can expand your potential.

So how can you practice and learn to improve your musical sense?
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