[In-Depth Explanation! Is it fun to start violin as an adult? Is it difficult?

Sep 3, 2023

Are you a music lover and are you interested in the violin? Violin is an attractive instrument with beautiful tone and expressive power, but do you think it is difficult to start playing it as an adult?
Actually, there are many advantages to starting violin as an adult.
Of course, there are also disadvantages and cautions, but if you know them, you can enjoy improving your skills.
In this article, I would like to discuss the advantages, disadvantages, and difficulties of starting violin as an adult.

(1) Brain activation
The violin requires complex movements, such as holding the strings with the left hand while moving the bow with the right.
This develops the ability called "working memory" and activates the entire brain.
Listening to and playing music also has a positive effect on cognitive functions such as memory, concentration, and creativity.

(2) You can practice at your own pace
When you start playing the violin as an adult, you are not forced to practice by your parents or teachers like children.
You can practice as much as you want at your own time. You can also choose repertoire and materials that match your interests and goals.

(3) Expand your hobbies and interactions
You can play the violin not only by yourself but also with other instruments, sing together, or participate in ensembles and orchestras.
Through music, you can interact with people who share the same interests and make friends and lovers.

(1) Expensive.
Violins are expensive instruments, costing several tens to hundreds of thousands of yen at the lowest price. In addition, consumables such as bows and strings, as well as maintenance costs, are also necessary.
In addition, if you go to a class or a teacher, you will also have to pay for lessons.

(2) Limited Practice Space
Although the violin is a small instrument, it is loud and can cause problems in the neighborhood. If practicing at home, soundproofing is necessary.
Also, if you practice outside the home, you will need to use a rental studio or public facility.

(iii) It is difficult to learn the basics well.
The violin requires time and effort to acquire the fundamentals of pitch, tone, and rhythm.
Adults have less flexibility and sensitivity than children, making it more difficult to master. Also, practicing on your own can lead to bad habits.

1) Learning proper posture and form
The violin requires complex movements, such as holding the strings with the left hand while moving the bow with the right hand.
This requires learning proper posture and form. Poor posture and form can result in poor pitch and tone, as well as strain on the body.

(2) Distinguishing sounds with the ears.
The violin has no frets, keys, or other landmarks, so it is necessary to distinguish notes by ear.
The ability to distinguish sounds by ear is called absolute pitch or relative pitch.
Some people are born with these abilities, but most need to practice to acquire them.

These are some of the advantages and disadvantages of starting to play the violin as an adult, as well as some of the difficulties.
What did you think? There are many fun things and benefits to be gained by starting to play the violin as an adult.
Of course, there are difficulties and hardships, but by overcoming them, you can feel a sense of personal growth and accomplishment.
If you are interested in playing the violin, please give it a try.

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