About Orchestral Concerts of Game Music

Mar 7, 2022

I want to hear my favorite game music with a "live orchestra"!

In response to such demand, many orchestral concerts of game music have been held in recent years.

However, I want to go to a concert of my favorite game music,
However, I want to go to my favorite game concert, but I am anxious about it because it is my first time to attend an orchestra concert. ・・・・・
I often hear such voices.

Don't worry.

This time, I would like to explain a game music concert and its backstage without any discovery.

Now you can go to the venue with relief.
Seeing comments on Twitter such as "great" and "I cried,
Those who felt frustrated! Put a period on that frustration!

◆Price of tickets
The most expensive ticket is about 10,000 yen. The most expensive seats are in front of you, with the orchestra in front of you.
By analogy with the capacity of the venue and the number of performers, we think that the concert will probably be in the red.
However, the revenue from the merchandise is enough to make it profitable.

Incidentally, it often happens that the limited-edition goods are sold out・・・・ as soon as the show starts.

Customer Atmosphere.

For major titles such as Nintendo, I get the impression that there is an even mix of men and women in their 50s and younger.
The more maniacal you get, the more otaku-like men you will find.

At the concert, because they are enthusiastic fans of the game,
Many are moved to tears.

For the performers on stage, game music is full of difficult pieces,
(The original music is typed on a pico-pico soundtrack and is not intended to be played by humans.)
It was a rewarding moment
for all the hard work that went into the performance.

◆Dress code, manners, etc. There is no dress code. It is completely free.
You can come dressed casually or with a strong personality.


This is mainly a collection of professionals who are either good salespeople or young musicians.
The players are younger than the average professional orchestra,
You can enjoy youthful and aggressive performances.

Big names rarely swing, and many conductors are just starting out.
However, there are many conductors who are easy for orchestral players to see the sticks and are good at their jobs.


Because it is a performance venue that we are not used to going to,
(Many visitors (many of whom come from outlying areas) have difficulties in changing transportation.
It is advisable to arrive with plenty of time to spare.

How was it?
Now you can visit game music concerts with peace of mind!

Those who want to play a musical instrument after listening to the concert,
If you want to play your favorite song after listening to the concert, please contact us,

If you want to play your favorite music, you can learn to play a musical instrument with "Lesson Grid," an online music lesson service!

See you soon!