About the work of the backing band

Feb 6, 2022

Dear ladies and gentlemen who play a musical instrument!
Do you have a favorite singer or idol?

These days, there are more and more idols to meet and it is easier to "meet" them!

By the way, wouldn't you like to play an instrument behind your favorite artist?
This is what is known as a "backing band" or "support band"!
It would be fun if you could play with your favorite artists on TV or in live performances.

This time, the author, who has worked (just a little bit)as a back-up band for a TV show as a part-time job, would like to get closer to the reality of this situation.

If you want to play behind a singing show, this is a must!

◆Request for performance.

Basically, the earlier the better. It is important to be quick to answer the client's call.
The client is a performer who is in charge of a pop music job.
Usually, if it is a man, he is mischievous or dignified,
If it is a woman, she is sparkling. Or maybe they are old men inside. (^. ^)

◆In order to be requested
It is a multiplication of various factors.
1. credibility as a musician
  (Skill, character, punctuality, and having graduated from a music college or a music school)

2. good looks (regardless of gender)

(both male and female) 3.

Especially in the case of women, looks are very important (even if there are some difficulties in performance, as long as they are cute).
(Even if they have some difficulty in performance, if they are cute, it may be OK.)
Incidentally, the author (a male) stopped being approached in his late 20s when his skin became rough.

What you must do before the day of the show.

I often play by heart (without looking at the score).
In this case, you have to memorize the piece before the performance.
Since there is usually only a week or so before the performance, practice can sometimes be an all-nighter if the schedule is tight.

In the case of stringed instruments, you must also learn the exact bow order.
In fact, as long as the bowing is correct, there are no complaints.
This is because atebri is almost always the case in singing programs.

Ateburi is...a mouthful of music by a singer. The singer imitates playing along with a pre-recorded soundtrack.

◆Day of performance and rehearsal
Rehearsals are held in the same TV station studio as the actual performance.
If the show is held in the evening, the rehearsal process often begins after noon with a meeting backstage at the TV station.

Incidentally, the artists (singers) and supporting members have separate dressing rooms, so the chances of chatting with your favorite artist are low.
However, there is no particular tendency to regret it. We will go about our work in an unassuming manner.

This is because few performance professionals are meek.
This is because only those who have the endurance to practice their instruments while holding back from playing with friends during their school days have survived.
Therefore, many people are less reactive when they meet famous people. ・・・・

Also, befriending other performers during long waits is an action that leads to the next job.
In the pop music business, socializing is vital. Be a master of playing friend!

◆Just before the show.

Female performers are fixing their makeup in front of the mirror.
Since this is national television, they want to look as pretty as possible.
(Stylists are only given assistance to the backing band to make sure they look as good as possible.)

◆The show.

The performance proceeds solemnly, with unnecessary thoughts such as, "The studio floor is dirty.
I'll just be careful not to make a mess. (like dropping an instrument or a music sheet...)

◆After the show.
In the case of live broadcasts, you may receive feedback from friends and relatives such as not showing.

◆About gratuities.
Generally, it is about 15,000 yen to 25,000 yen per session. Among the performers, the leader who arranges the players may get more...

It is no exaggeration to say that supporting artists is a job that can only be done when you are young.
Music students should try it at least once while they are as young as possible. To do so, you will be required to maintain your own looks and to enhance your credibility as a musician.