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teacher Mitsuyochan


  • Trial 4 (free–)
  • Regular 11 (2,310 JPY–)


Nice to meet you. My name is Mitsuyo-chan. Nice to meet you! > I started playing the piano when I was 2 years old. > I took piano and voice at the preparatory course of Osaka College of Music's affiliated conservatory. > I accumulated many competitions and performance activities until I entered university. > After graduating from Osaka College of Music Junior College of Voice with a major in voice, > I have taught piano to more than about 100 students for 15 years at Kobe Yamaha Music School.  I have also arranged music for commercial TV dramas. > While working, I took a master class in the jazz piano course at the Yamaha Music School. > After that, I have performed in many jazz orchestras and jazz bands. > I have also performed at music festivals in town such as Takatsuki Jazz Street, >I have also played at music festivals in the town such as Takatsuki Jazz Street, and at music bars, >I have accompanied foreign musicians as a backing band with synthesizer and keyboard. I also play with a backing band of foreign musicians and accompany them on synthesizers and keyboards. z Currently, several times a year, I organize and perform in-hospital concerts at hospitals as a volunteer. After my car accident, I started performing under the name "Mitsuyo-chan Rehabilitation Piano, I have been delivering weekly rehabilitation performances on YOUTUBE and other social networking sites.


teacher YURO


  • Trial 5 (free–)
  • Regular 5 (2,310 JPY–)


I provide music for major releases (actresses, idol groups, etc.) as a composer. Nice to meet you, my name is YURO. It's been a tough world, hasn't it? However, I am very happy that opportunities for online lessons have developed in this way, and that there are people who are willing to take online lessons like this. Thank you very much. Let me briefly introduce myself. I started playing the piano in the fourth grade of elementary school and the guitar in the first grade of high school. I had a little time to look at myself and aspired to "music that would accompany every emotion," so I went to a music school and started music theory, composition, band activities, bass, and DTM. Later, as an exclusive writer for a writer's office, I provided music for a certain idol group and actresses, etc. (If you want to hear more details, please contact me for lessons. (If you want to hear more details, please feel free to ask me at the lesson.) I have a cheerful personality and laugh a lot. I come from a family of teachers, so I am good at teaching others. My strength is that I am not shy. I have a lot of working experience! So, I am open to the general public. Music enriches our hearts in these times. And music is for life. A musical instrument becomes your beloved instrument and will always be there for you. It is not easy to go to concerts or live performances, but there is also the pleasure of playing and singing your favorite artist's songs by yourself. I want to play music, that's all right. Super beginners, you are super welcome♪ I will help you and we will enjoy music and life together♪