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teacher Meguru


  • Trial 1 (1,320 JPY)
  • Regular 2 (8,030 JPY–)


After graduating from the Music Department of Meiwa High School in Aichi Prefecture and the Chamber Music Course of the Department of Performance at Kunitachi College of Music, he went on to graduate from the Nagoya University of Arts Graduate School of Music, majoring in instrumental music. He won the first prize at the 53rd and 56th All Japan Student Music Competitions in Nagoya. He won the third prize in the ensemble division of the 12th Japan Flute Convention Competition and the second prize (without first prize) in the ensemble division of the 7th "Great Wall of China Cup" International Music Competition. Performed in the 30th Yomiuri Chubu Newcomers Concert, the Nagoya Flute Society's Fresh Concert, the 35th Flute Debut Recital, the 2nd Dolce Instruments Debut Concert, and others. Instructor at Dolce Music Academy. She is certified as a Diploma A instructor by the Rhythmic Research Center and as a qualified instructor for one-year-old children, and teaches flute lessons incorporating rhythmic music.

Jun Nakamura

PiccoloFluteMusical grammar

teacher Jun Nakamura


  • Trial 1 (2,640 JPY)
  • Regular 1 (4,510 JPY)


Hello everyone. My name is Jun Nakamura, flute and piccolo instructor. I can teach a wide range of students, from beginners who have never played an instrument before, to basic lessons only, to one-point lessons for music college entrance examinations. I also have a flauto traverso (baroque flute), so I can give lessons in any genre, from music of the baroque period to contemporary music and improvisation. I would be happy to help you improve your flute playing from a new angle by using the latest teaching theories I have learned. Of course, music theory and music books alone are also fine. Please feel free to contact me. Profile She started playing piano at the age of 4 and flute at the age of 13. She won a prize at the 71st All Japan Student Music Competition. 3rd Prize, Age-U, Wind Instrument Division, 19th Osaka International Music Competition (highest prize for flute). Awarded "Excellence Prize" at the 2nd Ichikawa City Cultural Promotion Foundation Improvisation Audition. The 22nd Nagae Cup International Music Competition, Ensemble Division, General Section A, Highest Prize Finalist in the 14th Contemporary Music Performance Competition 《Kyogaku XIV Receives the Ushio Shizue Prize from the Society for Nurturing Young Buds in 2021 At Perusia Harmonica International Music Competition, Wind instruments category D, 1st prize Wind instruments category D, 1st prize, "CIRO SCARPONI" prize at Perusia Harmonica International Music Competition. Third prize in Virtuoso group E at The 4th NY solo concert competition. He also performs not only classical music but also jazz, improvisation, recording and video editing. She has studied flute with Noriko Shudo, Noriko Ohira, Haruhiko Fukuda, Kazushi Saito, and Yusuke Yanagihara, chamber music with Ikue Koike, Mikiko Kawamura, Asako Urushihara, Maho Kajikawa, and Kazunori Kawasaki, improvisation with Kimitaka Hirano, and jazz with MALTA at university. After graduating from Tokai Junior High School and Kikuri Senior High School of Music in Nagoya, he is currently a fourth-year student at Tokyo University of the Arts, Department of Instrumental Music. From next year, he will be enrolled in the master's program in flute at the Graduate School of Music, Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music.



teacher torakitsune


  • Trial 1 (1,980 JPY)
  • Regular 1 (5,170 JPY)


My name is Kazuya Tonomura, bassoonist. Do you think the bassoon is an instrument like this? It is a difficult instrument, and you cannot play it as you expect. It is too low-pitched and plain for brass bands and orchestras. The sound is too low and inaudible. Let's change your way of thinking with my lesson! Bassoon is a very easy instrument. Let's create an attractive bassoon performance together. I can teach you the basics such as technique, fingering, etudes, tunes, and anything else you need to know. If you don't know what to look for, let's start the lesson with a piece of music you have practiced most recently (even if it is from an orchestra or brass band!), and we will figure out what to do with it. We look forward to hearing from you! Kazuya Tonomura, bassoon Fg Kazuya Tonomura Born in Kisarazu City, Chiba Prefecture. Graduated from Showa University of Music. Studied bassoon under Shigeru Ota, Yoshihide Kiryu, and Toshiki Takei, and chamber music under Shigeru Ota and Kazuhiro Miyamura. After studying with Shigeru Ota and Kazuhiro Miyamura, he became a member of the Teatro Rio Showa Orchestra, and is currently active as a freelance player, mainly in orchestras and chamber music, while also teaching younger students by holding student presentations called "Hitoriki Concert" several times a year. Woodwind trainer and assistant at Senzoku Gakuen School of Music. He is a member of the bassoon quartet "Tonoyama Quartet".