Attractions of each music school to keep in mind

Oct 26, 2022

There are countless music schools throughout the world.
However, music schools come in all sizes.

In this article, we will explain the size and type of music schools and their actual conditions.

◆Small music schools
In many cases, they are privately run by the wives of local masters.
They often do not have a website or other public information, and may not be very familiar with you.
It is also characteristic that many of them are community-based.

◆Medium-sized music schools
These music schools do not operate on a national scale, but have a few stores and between 20 and 200 instructors.
There are many instructors, so you can change if you don't fit in. We can accommodate a variety of demographics from hobbyists to professionals, and we are able to respond to customer needs with
We can make speedy decisions and proposals to meet your needs.
However, the drawback is that it is somewhat up to luck whether you find the right instructor for you.

◆National music schools

Music schools are located all over Japan. We are developing franchises involving not only directly operated stores but also classrooms in town.
Tradition and achievement are their strong points, and their teaching materials and curriculum are often sophisticated.
Above all, there is a sense of trust because the name is well-known.

◆Online Music School

Since it is online, you can take the course from the comfort of your home.
From professional orchestra members and university professors to teachers at local music schools, the variety of teachers you can learn from is rich.
In particular, the online music school "Lesson Grid" has many excellent teachers with a variety of backgrounds and teaching experience.
It can be said that online music schools are the easiest form of classroom to meet the demands of students.

Each classroom will have different attractions.
What is important is that you are able to choose a classroom that can offer what you are looking for.
In that respect, online lessons are easier to start than in-person lessons,
We recommend it because you can freely choose your instructor.

The online music lesson "Lesson Grid" has many outstanding instructors.
We hope that you will find a good teacher and improve your music skills.