Creating Music Scores on a Computer - Introduction to Music Notation Software

Oct 27, 2022

I want to arrange my favorite music by myself because I don't have the music score of my favorite music. I want to use a computer to purify the handwritten music score of my composition.

If you think so, why don't you try to write music notation on your computer?
Why don't you try writing music scores on your computer?

In this issue, we would like to introduce a well-known music notation purification software.


This is free software! This is free software!
One of the biggest advantages of this software is that it is linked to a free score submission site called "Sheet Music".
This is the best software for those who want to create or obtain sheet music without spending a lot of money.
The downside is that it is difficult to create flexible layouts.
It would be tough to create commercial scores with this software.


This is a long-established music score purification software.
It has the most features and a reputation for being able to write anything.
However, I have the impression that it is more buggy than some of the more expensive software.
But it's not enough to bother me at all.
The price is just over 50,000 yen.


Sibelius is a music notation software that can be considered Finale's rival.
It is not as flexible as Finale, but is reputed to have fewer bugs.
The fact that it works with the famous DAW software "Pro Tools" is probably another advantage.
However, it is the most expensive of all the writing software, costing nearly 70,000 yen.


This is a recently released software.
It is developed by Steinberg (a subsidiary of Yamaha) and
It works with Cubase, a sound production software.
It has a reputation for having a feeling of operation that is closer to DTM and sound source production than other software.
It has a high level of perfection, and depending on future updates, it is rumored that it may take market share from Finale and Sibelius.

The most wonderful thing about score purification software.
It has the ability to automatically generate parts from the score.
(To produce a score for public presentation, the layout must be beautifully arranged even after it is generated.)

In the online music lesson "Lesson Grid,
In addition to lessons on composition and arrangement, we can teach you how to read music scores and how to use music notation software.
If you are having trouble with music notation, please consider taking a trial lesson.
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