What works became famous unintentionally after the composer's death?

Feb 14, 2022

The genius composer left many works that are considered masterpieces by future generations.

Many masterpieces are filled with the inspiration of genius by genius composers,
It is said that the inspiration of genius uplifts the spirituality of listeners and performers, and leads them to a higher level of inspiration.

However, they did not always raise their inspiration to the maximum value with all their might and create music of high artistic value.

Composers are human beings!

It has been left behind by many documents, letters, etc., that even composers who are called geniuses were scrambling to earn their daily bread.

Sometimes they write music "just for the hell of it".
Some of them may be "bad pieces" that you don't like.

In this article, we will introduce some of the works written by genius composers as a "shot in the dark" and some that we don't like very much.


◆Chopin "Fantasy Improvisation"
This piece was not published during Chopin's lifetime.
Chopin asked that the score be burned and disposed of after his death.
It can be said that his will was not kept, as it has now become one of Chopin's most famous compositions.

◆"January, by the Hearth" from Tchaikovsky's "Four Seasons"
The Four Seasons" is a piano suite consisting of 12 pieces. The suite seems to have been completed as a result of writing one piece per month as a supplement to a magazine.
It is said that he wrote "January" in 30 minutes after being urged by a servant to compose a piece. It can only be said that he was a genius.

◆Debussy "Dreaming"
"Dreaming" by Debussy is an easy-to-understand piece of music for Debussy, who is often called the "impressionist in music. It is said that in his younger days, Debussy was lack of money and was forced to compose against his will to make a living.

◆Scriabin "Fantasy"
In his younger days, he wrote romantic pieces that could be considered an extension of Chopin,
In his later years, however, he began to write difficult music that could be said to be a slice of disintegration.

In his later years, a friend of Scriabin's played "Fantasy" for Scriabin himself to hear,
Scriabin himself asked, "Whose music is that?" Scriabin himself asked, "Whose music is that? (not dementia).

Since "Fantasy" is a brilliant and diplomatic piece for the early Scriabin, who often played gloomy pieces, it is not hard to guess that Scriabin wrote it out of necessity.

◆Shostakovich "Second Waltz"
Shostakovich, one of the leading composers of the former Soviet Union, had a style of new year's ebullient compositions that was not straightforward.
However, as a composer in a socialist state, he was also expected to serve the state.
He was forced to write popular pieces such as the "Second Waltz" in order to survive.

How do you like it?

It is very possible for a piece of music that has remained in the repertoire until the present day to be something other than what the composer intended.

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