Beginners must see: How to play at a high level with inexpensive instruments.

Oct 25, 2022

To all of you who play musical instruments,

Musical instruments are expensive, aren't they?

If you buy from a specialty store, you will need to spend a lot of money.

Especially if you pay a lot of money for an instrument with a high average price,
It is often financially limiting to get an entry-level instrument.

And, an entry-level instrument is not as good as a high-end instrument...
Inevitably, the sound quality and volume will seem inferior.

However, we would like to manage to play as good sound and good music as possible!

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In this article, we will explain how to create high quality music with inexpensive instruments.

◆Choose the right genre and song.

Basically, the quality of a classical song that is sung with a lot of energy will be higher if it is played on a good instrument.
Example: Meditation of Thais (Massenet)

However, for example, Taro Hakase's "Jounetsu Tairiku" can be played with reasonable quality even on a cheap instrument.

In addition, the music played by Roma (e.g., czardasch) is more natural in its roots if it is played on cheap instruments.
If a piece is not hindered by an earthy or rough sound, it can be said that inexpensive instruments are fine (except for volume).

◆Don't fake the difficult parts.

Any instrument can be played in a way that sounds reasonable if played accurately.

The uncoolest thing on stage is to bring the impression that you are cheating something.

A solid performance puts the listener at ease.
Practice hard and aim for a steady performance.

◆Have an ideal sound.

The instrument is nurtured by the player.

The sound of the instrument will improve over time as the player continues to imagine the sound he or she wants to produce.

To do this, the player must constantly use his/her imagination.

He must continue to follow the "favorite sound" that he hears.

It may be a long road.
However, by continuing to take lessons, you will receive ongoing support from your teacher!

Don't give up and go after your "favorite sound"!

Even an inexpensive instrument is your partner.

Musical instruments shine by loving them.
It is truly the alchemy of sound.

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