How an amateur musician conducts an orchestra

Mar 3, 2022

I would like to conduct an orchestra!
Many amateur musicians may think so.
But if you enjoy music as a hobby and do nothing, you will not be asked to conduct. You will not be asked to conduct.
So what actions do you need to take in order to conduct as an amateur?

◆Get entertained.

Rent out a professional orchestra and descend upon yourself as conductor.
It is possible if you spend millions of yen.
The professional musicians will accompany you with their sticks as if they were entertaining you.

◆Start your own ensemble
If you are popular, you are likely to have musical friends around.
If you continue to promote your own desire to conduct, people around you may pick you up.
Sales ability and charisma are necessary for conducting, regardless of whether you are a professional or amateur.

◆Steadily build a career.

Ask the conductor for conducting lessons and keep going.
When you become proficient, help practice as a practice conductor for amateur groups.
When you are ready, you can start to think, "This guy is good! When you are ready, you can start to think, "This guy is good at this!
promote yourself as an amateur conductor.

Hopefully, as a convenient, unpaid presence,
You may receive many opportunities to conduct.
(If you hire a professional conductor, you will need to pay nearly 300,000 yen per performance as a gratuity.)

◆Take the plunge and go to graduate school
If you can afford it, you may want to apply to a graduate school of conducting at a music college.
If you narrow your sights to music schools with limited capacity, you may be able to enroll as an adult.

If you are at the level to complete a graduate conducting curriculum,
I think it is possible to conduct an amateur orchestra.
However, if you want to play in a professional orchestra, it may be tough unless you have studied abroad and won competitions.

How was it?
The path of music is different for everyone.

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