How to enjoy music with volume

Oct 27, 2022

Do you guys listen to very long songs?

A "long song" is a song that is nearly an hour in length!
Genres with long songs are mainly classical, jazz, and film music.

I am busy and don't have time to listen to long songs.
You are impatient and get bored even if you listen to long songs.
Some of you may think this way.

This time, I would like to share with you the secret to listening to long songs.

1) Use as BGM for work

Long music may bore you if you listen to it by itself.
However, by using it as background music when you are working on something, you can avoid boredom.

Recommended music:
Mahler's complete symphonies are 10 hours worth of background music for work.
If you use it in your 8-hour workday, you won't finish listening to it before the end of the workday...
It is a very long workday and requires patience, but if you are interested, please give it a listen!

(2) Listening on the way to work and school

Some of today's office workers spend nearly two hours commuting between home and office.
Making the most of that time, they can acquaint themselves with long pieces of music = classical music culture.
It will definitely be a meaningful time for those who are interested in classical music!

(iii) Attend concerts and live performances

Classical music concerts are basically impossible to escape in the middle of a song.
By going to a concert where there are only a few pieces on the program (one to three pieces performed),
You can build up your "tolerance for long pieces" by going to concerts where there are only a few pieces on the program (one to three pieces).

In the case of jazz concerts, you can listen to the music while eating at a live music club.
Therefore, the threshold will be a little lower. Some songs are more than 30 minutes long with long ad-libs,
I think that "tolerance for long songs" will be developed here as well.

(4) Listening to opera, ballet, etc.

If you find it difficult to continue listening to music without a specific storyline, it may be better to enjoy music with a storyline,
It is better to enjoy music with a storyline. For example, opera and ballet.
Musicals and movies are not recommended for this purpose, as you may concentrate too much on the plot.
Opera and ballet are easier to concentrate on listening to music because the music and dance are the main attraction.

Those who want to enjoy ballet music as music, such as Tchaikovsky and Gounod
Perhaps you should listen to works written by famous composers such as Tchaikovsky and Gounod.

Have you ever heard "Three minutes is the limit for human beings to concentrate on listening to music"?

If that theory is correct, one wonders what the intention was in composing an hour-long symphony, for example.
There are many theories, but I think there is a lot of room for imagination.
There is still so much about music that we don't know scientifically.

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You are sure to get a satisfactory answer.

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