Soaring in popularity! Three recommended songs that can be enjoyed only with the ukulele.

Oct 25, 2022

What kind of image do you have of ukulele?
Many of you may imagine tropical countries, resorts, or Hawaii.
Also, I imagine playing polong...polong...polong while singing, right?

The ukulele has recently experienced a surge in popularity!
There are many reasons for its popularity, but the main ones are that it's affordable to start and it doesn't seem to be difficult to play! and so on!
I think it is popular for various reasons.
It is a perfect instrument for beginners!

It is also fun to play while dancing or singing!
There are many different songs you can play on the ukulele,
You can play a wide range of songs from traditional Hawaiian, children's songs, JPOP, jazz, and classical music.
Of course, there are many sheet music available!

There are so many attractive features that it makes me want to play it!
I want to be healed by the unique soft tone of the ukulele!

And what's more, the sound is small, so you can play it even in your apartment.
The appeal of the ukulele is that you can practice anywhere.

Now, I would like to introduce three recommended songs to play on the ukulele.

(1) Kaze ni naru / Tsuji Ayano
It is a famous song that everyone knows! It is the theme song of the Ghibli movie "The Cat Returns.
Since it is a pop song, it goes well with ukulele.

2) Kaimanahira
When I think of ukulele, I think of...
Hawaii, of course!
This song "Kaimana Hila" is a standard Hawaiian song that even beginners can play easily.
It is easy to play even for beginners. If you want to ride on the cheerful rhythm, please try to practice.

Cherry / Spitz
This is a well-known song! The charm of this song is that it is easy to play even for beginners.
Since only simple chords are used, you can practice without hesitation.

In addition to the songs we have introduced, there are many more songs that are perfect for the ukulele.
If you have never touched the ukulele before, please take an online lesson to learn how to play it!
We recommend the Lesson Grid, which also offers enriched ukulele lessons.
You can practice ukulele anywhere, which is why it is a good match for online lessons.
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