A Week in the Life of a Music Student (Part 2)

Feb 22, 2022

About a week in the life of a music student,
The second part is Friday through Sunday!

Example of a music student A...


I am tired from the week, so I spend a lot of time chatting with my classmates in the cafeteria.
Sometimes I miss class for this reason. (And then I drop my credits...)

After that, I sometimes take a long nap in the practice room.
The number of practice rooms is limited.
For students who want to practice seriously, they are very annoying.

Also, for students who are not motivated, they put their instruments in their lockers and go home on Friday afternoons.


School is out, but you will go to a part-time job of performing, called "work.
Here, by forming a solid network of contacts,
to be able to make a living on a freelance basis after graduation.

On this day, you will go out for a part-time job of performance called "work".
I can do "work" even if I don't want to after graduation,
Some teachers point out that students should devote more time to individual practice while they are still students.


What do you think?

Some music schools cost 30 million yen for an undergraduate degree.
It is quite tough on the wallet.
The people who should attend a music college are as follows

(1) Those who have more than enough talent, and who have the potential to remain active into their 50s.
 (2) Those who have more talent, and are expected to be active until their 50's. (3) Those who are better off than working in a normal job.

(2) Those who are not good at studying but want to get a college diploma.

(3) Those who love music and can't help it.
 Those who are prepared are strong.

(4) A person whose family is rich and who will have no trouble eating for the rest of his/her life.
 A modern aristocrat.

Japanese companies in general tend not to place much importance on university majors (especially in the humanities). (Especially in the humanities).
Therefore, going to a music college may not be a bad choice.

◆Supplementary information
In the online music lesson "Lesson Grid,
We have invited as our lecturers musicians who are graduates of music academies and whose teaching skills, performance techniques, and personalities are all excellent.
We welcome as our lecturers musicians who are graduates of music universities and have excellent teaching skills, performance techniques, and personalities.

We are recruiting a wide range of students from beginners to those who aspire to music school.
Please take a trial lesson with us.
We are looking forward to seeing you!