How to practice indoors! Solving the problems of those who practice wind instruments!

Oct 25, 2022

Are you learning a wind instrument and having trouble finding a place to practice?
This time we will tell you the recommended way to practice wind instruments indoors.

The author (Staff B) used to play the trombone when he was a student and had a very difficult time trying to figure out where to practice when the school was not available.

Even in my adult working band, I had even more trouble finding a place to practice.

I was told that if I didn't blow one day, three days of technique would regress, and so on,

In online lessons where you learn from a remote teacher, you have no choice but to rent a studio.
But I don't have time nor money to do daily practice in a rental studio! I'm so angry! Anger.

But I want to practice, I want to get better, I don't want my lips to become tanned... I was wondering if I should at least do sit-ups.
I was also selfishly thinking that it would be boring to make sounds with just the mouthpiece.

Then I headed to the music store to see what I could do,
I found a practice mute that I could play in my room!

YAMAHA's Silent Brass!
It's a product called... ♪

Pooh !!!!!! The trombone is a trombone that produces a very loud sound,
But with this mute, it becomes as loud as a TV.
I was so excited to buy it and use it that I can practice every day in my room with it.

I can also connect it to a sound source and play my sound and metronome together through earphones,
I could play along with the song I was practicing.

However, it was a little difficult to play because of the extra weight.
Well, it was better than not practicing at all! I practiced without worrying about it.

It was a few years ago when I was using it, but there are many lighter models available now.
Technology is advancing more and more, isn't it?

If you have trouble finding a place to practice, I recommend you take the plunge and buy one.