Toward a solution to the soundproofing problem

Oct 29, 2022

I want to play a lot of instruments ...

I always rent a studio to practice, but I want to do it at home ・・・・

But my apartment building doesn't allow sound...

Should I move? Do I have to do soundproofing work?

This time, I want to practice a musical instrument at home for a long time! For those who have a passionate desire to practice their instruments at home for a long time,
I would like to discuss some things to solve the soundproofing problem.

1. If you move.

◆Rustic houses in the countryside
If there are no houses around, you can make all the noise you want.
However, you will need a car. It may be difficult to move.

Narrow houses in the city
If there is enough space between houses, soundproofing is not a problem even if it is minimal.
Without measures, there is a problem, so a little attention should be paid to soundproofing!

If your apartment is not a "music only apartment," be sure to soundproof it.
Although recent condominiums are excellent at soundproofing, low overtones and other sounds can transmit vibration over a wide area of the building.
When selecting a property, it is a good idea to check how far the sound of musical instruments can reach.

◆Music condominiums
It is not always possible to play sound 24 hours a day.
In most cases, the hours of sound are longer than those of ordinary condominiums.
Some condominiums are equipped with soundproof rooms for the exclusive use of residents.
In addition, apartments specializing in music are usually about 1.5 times more expensive than standard apartments.
Depending on the amount of practice, it may be cheaper to rent a studio nearby.

2. When soundproofing
It costs a million dollars. It is quite a daunting task...
As for choosing a manufacturer, rather than a construction company that does soundproofing work on a piecemeal basis,
It is better to ask a music-related company than an architectural company that does soundproofing work on a whim.
Especially in the case of custom-built houses, the house builder who commissioned the house itself will push for their own soundproofing equipment.
Even if it can be built cheaply, it will be wrecked if it is poorly built. Make sure to check your budget and the performance of the soundproofing system, and make a choice you will not regret.

Soundproofing is an unavoidable problem for people who play musical instruments.
How to solve the soundproofing problem is important.
We hope this story will be of some help to you.

And for those of you who have solved the soundproofing problem!
We recommend online lessons, which you can start from the comfort of your own home.

We wish you a further fulfillment in your musical life!